Research Centers


With a five-axis CNC machine centre equipped with an intelligent manufacturing line, industrial robot workstation and laser cutting machine, the IMC is at the cutting edge of developments in the field of Intelligent manufacturing. We are working with other universities, scientific research institutes and the manufacturing business community to develop the next generation of manufacturing machines. 

Meet our people

Our people are highly qualified and bring a wealth of experience to the research, teaching and production of Intelligent manufacturing equipment.

Wang Jianping

Master of Engineering, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
and Registered Electronical Engineer in Germany, 17-year working experience in large state-owned enterprises, who was responsible for the equipment installation and commissioning of more than 10 large-scale electrical projects, as well as multiple foreign-related electronical projects. When he was in Germany, Wang had invented and made a Quantum optical therapeutic instrument and a Pharmaceutical Analyzer. In 2011, he had invented a breakage-proof window and won the third prize of Science and Technology Progress in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia. In QCU, he has been in charge of one national project, has participated in three scientific projects in Qingdao, and has obtained three patents for invention. He has been the supervisor for students who have participated in the National College Students Intelligent Car Competition and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for many times and all the students have achieved good results. He focuses on the research of intelligent manufacturing and automatic control with many years of practical experience.

Dr. Sun Jinmei, Professor.

She is mainly engaged in the scientific research of Mechatronics Technology. She has presided over or participated in three technological projects in Shandong province. She has won the award of the Excellent Scientific Research Achievement in Higher Education in Shandong Province for three times. She has been granted several patents for invention and has published several academic papers. 

Zhang Hongli

Female, Han, member of Communist Party of China, Master’s degree, Associate Professor. 
She is responsible for teaching courses of mechanical programme and has achieved several breakthroughs in teaching reform. She has been awarded as the “Excellent Director of the Teaching and Research Section”, the “Excellent Teacher”, the “Excellent Supervisor”, etc. She has also won the second prize of “Shandong Provincial Teaching Achievement”, the second prize in “Chaoxing Cup” competition for the Informationized Teaching 

Li Chuange

Master’s Degree, Senior Engineer, “Double-Professionally-Qualified” Teacher
He has got 12-year working experience in Hai’er Mould Company and participated in the application of the establishment of centre for national-level home appliance mould engineering technology research. He has been granted 9 national patents, three of which are patents for invention, and 6 of which are patents for utility model. He has won the second prize in 2013 Science and Technology Award in China Machinery Industry with the palletizing die injection mould; the second prize in 2014 Science and Technology Award in China Machinery Industry with the large two-color panel injection mould of “Diamonds Light” Collection; and the third prize in 2015 Science and Technology Progress Award by China National Light Industry Council with the development and application of the appearance and mould of large two-color home appliances. 

Lin Guoying

Female, Associate Professor, “Double-Professionally-Qualified” Teacher, Master’s degree, Hunan University of Technology
She worked in an enterprise for three years and has been working as a teacher thereafter. She is responsible for teaching the main theoretical courses and practice courses in the Department of Electronic Engineering. She has won the second prize in Shandong Teaching Competition of Young Teachers twice, won the second prize of provincial teaching achievement award and the prize of “Excellent Teacher” in QCU for several times. Two of the projects, which she has presided and participated, have been awarded the second and third prize of Science and Technology Award of Higher Education in Shandong Province, respectively. She has published more than ten academic papers.

Wang Xinhui 

 “Double-Professionally-Qualified” Teacher
He, the deputy Director of the Mechanical Engineering Teaching and Academic Research of Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, is responsible for teaching courses of automation and has obtained several achievements in teaching reform and has been awarded the title of “Excellent Director of Teaching and Academic Research”, “Excellent Teacher”, “Excellent Supervisor”, etc. He has also won the second prize of “Shandong Provincial Teaching Achievement” and has participated in 8 teaching research projects and published 10 high-level academic papers.

Chen Jing

 Female, Master’s degree, University of Science and Technology Beijing, “Double-Professionally-Qualified” Teacher
She has been the supervisor of students for National “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students for several times and has won the title of “Excellent Supervisor” in the 15th “Challenge Cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. She has won the third prize in 2016 Science and Technology Award of Higher Education in Shandong Province (with 3-DOF parallel robot project as the first author). She has presided over the Technology Plan Project of Higher Education in Shandong Province titled “Research on Intelligent Inertial Navigation AGV Vehicle Technology”. She has applied and been granted 6 patents and published more than 10 research papers.

Kang Penggui

Master’s Degree, Associate Professor, “Double-Professionally-Qualified” Teacher
He mainly focuses on the research on environment monitoring equipment and has won the first prize of the Science and Technology Award of Higher Education in Shandong Province and has participated in one of the Open Research Subject of Key Discipline of Mechanical Engineering in Liaoning Province. He has published 14 academic papers and obtained more than 10 patents for invention. He has won one Excellence Award and a third prize in “Innovation Design Competition” in Chengyang District, Qingdao. He has been awarded the title of “Excellent Supervisor” in the National 3D Digital Innovative Design Competition. In 2015, the work “Automatic Colony Counter” he supervised has become the outstanding winner in the “Challenge Cup” Competition in Shandong Division, and has won the third prize in the national finals, and he himself has been awarded the title of “Excellent Supervisor”.

Xie Lihua

 Female, associate professor, research field: 3D digital design and simulation. Director of Engineering Design and Graphics Society of Qingdao City and Shandong Province. She has presided over or participated in a number of scientific research and teaching reforms and successfully published many academic papers. She has established a 3D innovation and technology club and organised and guided students to participate in various competitions at all levels and achieved excellent results, won more than 200 provincial and national awards, and she was awarded as excellent instructor for many times and the club as been ranked as an outstanding college student science and technology club in Shandong Province.

Liu Wenlian

female, associate professor, has worked in universities for nearly 16 years. She  teaches courses such as "Mechanical Drawing", "Interchangeability Principles and Measurement", "Machinery Manufacturing Equipment Design" for mechanical majors, and is proficient in 2D CAD and 3D UG, CATIA, SolidWorks and other professional drawing software and secondary development. She has been awarded the title of "Excellent Teacher" in Qindao City University four times, and professional and technical expert in Qingdao. She has participated in two scientific research projects in Shandong Province, published one textbook and many scientific papers.

Gao Fan

female, master's degree, PhD candidate, research on 3D printing technology. She has more in-depth and systematic research in 3D printing-based polymer-based deposition molding, functionally graded material preparation and application and has published many academic papers, which have been cited by SCI onece, EI twice, in domestic and foreign journals and important international conferences, and many Chinese core journals.

Research Field

1. Research on integrated intelligent manufacturing systems;

2. Product innovation design and digital management;

3. Flexible manufacturing and virtual simulation technology;

4. Industrial robot development and application


Developing strategies and meeting the needs of Qingdao and Shandong’s economic development plan.