Join us in making a brighter future!

By applying to join us, you’ll be committed to shaping the future of Qingdao City University, our students and Qingdao city. Join a team of more than 1,000 colleagues in this inclusive and diverse working environment. Work towards shared educational goals, share ideas with like-minded scholars and professionals and have access to a variety of training and studying opportunities. This is within an international working ethos which will develop your international vision and stimulate your imagination and creativity. You’ll be passionate about providing expert guidance to 17,000 young and curious people who are looking forward to exploring infinite possibilities of the future. Your passion for your subject, wealth of experience and knowledge will inspire the next generation to reach new heights and be valued by so many.

(1) Salary, Welfare and Vacation

We offer;

· A competitive salary and paid summer and winter vacation.

· Qingdao-Campus transport is provided by 12 free shuttle buses

· On-site accommodation for those who meet requirements.

· Assistance in finding accommodation thanks to governmental policies and support.

· Comprehensive insurance policies provide full protection.

(2) Children’s Education

· Choose from a selection of first-rate public, private and international schools that are hosted here in Qingdao.

· A University-affiliated kindergarten is available with tuition subsidy (means tested).

(3) Urban transportation and liveability

Qingdao is a major city within eastern Shandong Province. Located on China’s Yellow Sea Coast and nestled between the Laoshan Mountains and Jiaozhou Bay, the city is picturesque and vibrant. Qingdao is located just an hour from Beijing and one-and-half hours from Shanghai, the political, cultural and financial capitals of China. Other international cities including London, Tokyo, Seoul, Frankfurt and Vancouver can be reached by international direct flights from Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport.

Qingdao always ranks top in the list of liveable cities in China. “Red tiles, green trees, clear sea and blue skies”, Qingdao is an international coastal city with an interesting combination of western and eastern cultures and has always been acclaimed as the “Switzerland of the Orient”.

(4) Personal Development

The development of each individual staff member is important to us. Each academic year, on offer to you are a variety of international exchange and vocational training opportunities. Support for those who wish to undertake further study is also available.

The university regularly holds seminars on educational reform and innovation, artificial intelligence, bilingual teaching programmes so you are kept up to date with developments in teaching. Activities for staff to participate in are also on offer.

(5) Sports facilities

The university is fully equipped with first rate sporting facilities.