Exchanges Project

Student’s Exchange

Coming to study at QCU is not just about coming to Qingdao. Students have the opportunity to participate in The Overseas Student Exchange Programme. This exciting opportunity will provide you with the benefits of an overseas education and allows you to explore future career opportunities.

To date, more than 200 students from QCU have visited France, South Korea, Russia, Japan and Thailand, along with many more countries for Study Abroad and International Exchange Programmes.

Benefits of participating in such a programme are extensive, with the opportunity to enhance your network, work with like-minded students on shared interests, develop valuable life skills including independence and adaptability plus practical skills like learning a new language and being culturally and globally aware. 

Scholar’s Exchange

Every year, QCU carries out multiple exchange projects with scholars from around the world. This helps to create an international vibe on campus.

High value Exchange projects have built bridges between Chinese and overseas universities. In this setting, scholars have the opportunity to innovate and apply creative solutions to international challenges.