Research Centers

Center Overview

The Robot Industry Centre is a multi-disciplinary and international technology platform of Qingdao City University. It is committed to research in robotics, industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing and other similar fields. Its aim is to lead in the application of next generation industrial technology. The industrial centre closely collaborates with well-known domestic and foreign robot technology organisations and institutions to bring about research and innovation of the highest quality.

Meet our people

Wang Jianping

Master of Engineering, Technical University of Berlin, Germany,and Registered Electronical Engineer in Germany, 17-year working experience in large state-owned enterprises, who was responsible for the equipment installation and commissioning of more than 10 large-scale electrical projects, as well as multiple foreign-related electronical projects. When he was in Germany, Wang had invented and made a Quantum optical therapeutic instrument and a Pharmaceutical Analyzer. In 2011, he had invented a breakage-proof window and won the third prize of Science and Technology Progress in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia. In QCU, he has been in charge of one national project, has participated in three scientific projects in Qingdao, and has obtained three patents for invention. He has been the supervisor for students who have participated in the National College Students Intelligent Car Competition and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for many times and all the students have achieved good results. He focuses on the research of intelligent manufacturing and automatic control with many years of practical experience.

Jiang Kai

associate professor,presides over one scientific research project of Shandong Province and participated in one fund-supported project of Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau. He has won the second prize of Shandong Provincial University Science and Technology Achievement Award, published 5 academic papers in the past three years and declared 4 national invention patents.

His research mainly focuses on intelligent manufacturing and intelligent instruments, with rich experience in integration of production and education, as well as collaborative education.

Wang Cui

Director of Electrical Engineering Teaching and Research, has published 9 academic papers, 1 international research paper, and 4 invention application patents in past three years. As the leader of the national industry-university-research collaborative education project, she has obtained 1 scientific and technological achievement of the Provincial Department of Education, participated in establishment of first-class undergraduate courses "Circuit Principles and Applications" in Shandong Province, and won the Qingdao City Mayor Cup Outstanding Innovation Award. In addition, she instructed students to participate in more than 10 various competitions, and won many awards.

Shao Yuanyuan

double-qualified-teacher (senior technician of maintenance electrician), has been teaching for 17 years and is in charge of the first-class undergraduate course “Circuit Principles and Applications” in Shandong Province. She presided over and participated in 3 school-level projects, participated in 1 scientific and technological achievement of the Provincial Department of Education, undertook teaching and research work of the department, and published 4 related teaching and research papers.

Cai Liping

electrical teacher, published 2 papers during the three years of teaching, and was awarded as an excellent instructor in Qingdao University Science and Technology Festival, Shandong Division of the National Smart Racing, Innovative Design of Mechanical and Electrical Products for College Students in Shandong Province and excellent graduation project of the school. She has participated in the National University Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition and won the third prize, and she also participated in 1 teaching reform project of Qingdao City University. 

Gong Qiaona

Master of Engineering, North China Electric Power University, electrical teacher and focuses on power system research. She teaches professional courses such as “Power System Relay Protection”, “Power Plant Electrical Technology”, “High Voltage Technology” and so on. She has published 2 scientific research papers and was once awarded as an excellent instructor in the National University Student Electronic Design Competition.

Zhang Wenxia

Master’s Degree, Associate Professor, has won the Outstanding Innovation Award of Chengyang District Innovation Design Competition and first prize of the Shandong Division of the National College Student Electronic Design Competition. Her research field is Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Embedded. She has instructed one national college student innovation and entrepreneurship training program, and published more than 10 academic papers, including two cited by EI, one cited by ISTP, and one core thesis of Peking University.

Yao Guangqin

associate professor. She undertakes the main lectures of professional courses such as the Principle of Single-chip Microcomputer, Motor and Drag, and is proficient in operation and programming of embedded control and industrial robots. She presided over and participated in academic education reforms and scientific research projects of Shandong province for many times, published many professional papers and textbooks. She instructed national college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and guided students to participate in national Electronic Design Competitions, Smart Car Competitions, Smart Manufacturing Competitions, etc. and won prizes.

Sun Qian

Master’s degree, Lecturer, focuses on research of fatigue performance of materials, robotics engineering professional education mechanism, and robotic automation integration and machine vision integration application. She teaches undergraduates (material molding and control engineering, electrical engineering and its automation) and college students (welding technology and automation, automation), whose teaching courses include "Welding Methods and Equipment", "Arc Welding Power Source", "Welding Inspection", "Sensor and Detection Technology", "Introduction to New Energy" and other related professional courses. She has undertaken 5 school and provincial-level scientific and teaching research projects, and published 8 papers, including 3 core papers of Peking University as the first author.

Research Fields

We research the application of industrial robots and design and assembly of automated production lines.


We have conducted research in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence with Stuttgart Aviation Automation and Qingte Group Co., Ltd.

Academic Activities

We have established cooperation and exchanges with Shandong Robotics Research Association, Qingdao Robotics Association, and Intelligent Manufacturing Talent Training Centre of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.